Please can they stay little forever?

I’m having one of those weeks where my heart hurts with love for my two babies. They have been so fricken cute lately that it’s worth documenting. Especially as I’m sure next week I’ll be blogging furiously about how much they drive me nuts. I’m a person who deals in extremes – things are either totally amazing or totally shit, no in between. So thumbs up for Juno and Freddy this week!

Everyone keeps warning me about having a “threenager”. Apparently the terrible twos are nothing compared to having a three year old. Well, she’s only been three for a month so I’m not going to pat myself on the back for anything just yet but so far Juno is going great guns. She seems to have developed a real caring side to her personality that actually amazes me. It amazes me because I am not an overly caring person myself. I mean, I do care about people but I have to remind myself to ask about others sometimes, I envy those lovely people who always make a point of asking others about themselves and remember what’s happening in other peoples lives, I wish I was more like this! So anyway, Aunty Megan picked Juno up from daycare the other day and the first two things Juno said were “Hi Megan, how’s baby Esme?” (her wee cousin) and then “how’s your vegetable garden going Megan?”. She remembers information about people and she’s quick to ask questions. Every time I have to leave the house to play squash or netball she’s always straight into the questions when I get home, “how was netball mum? did you play well?” I LOVE it! And I wish I was more like her! How did she learn this skill? Cos I know it wasn’t from me! She is also very conscious of people not being scared. We have had a lot of pretend play with her toys lately and a lot of the time her toys are “scared” or “shy” so we spend lots of time reassuring them with lots of hugs. The other day we were dressing Gus the dog up in his superman suit and he wasn’t real keen on it (no idea why? haha). Juno sat next to him crooning away the whole time “oh gus. Tell me about your day. Tell me all about what you’ve been doing today. Have you been playing with Molly? Oh that’s great, what games have you been playing with Molly?” Distraction technique mastered! I was laughing on the inside watching this as it’s pretty much exactly the technique I have to use when I’m cutting Juno’s toenails. Which is actually one of the shittest jobs in our household. She puts on such a performance at the supposed torture of getting her toenails cut that we put it off until they are basically curling over into her toe and cutting circulation off to her foot. Insane.

While she gives off the appearance of being quite a confident wee kid, she’s inherently quite shy at times. In unfamiliar situations she will hide  behind me and refuse to talk to people. I struggle with this because I hate it when someone says hello to her and she doesn’t say hello back. Do I make her say hello? Or do I just wait for her to warm up to the person and then she will talk when she’s ready? It makes for some awkward silences while we wait to see if she’s going to talk, if I try and make her say hello when she doesn’t want to she tends to yell “no!!!” very loudly which is even more awkward. Sigh. Anyway, I tell Juno that even if she doesn’t want to talk, all she has to do it smile at the person so they know she has acknowledged them and all she has to do is say hello and that’s it. Sometimes I hear her muttering in her carseat as we are going somewhere “Just smile and say hello….just smile and say hello” awwwwww tears at my heart strings! But then she goes and randomly decides to go up to one of those bloody homeless men begging for money down an alley in Dunedin and brightly says “Hi! I’m Juno!” and the bloody homeless man jumped up and wanted to start a yarn with her. Of course Juno then took fright and took off, we were walking briskly along with this man shouting at Juno telling her she was going to be famous and the next Shirley Temple (?) and poor Juno is looking over her shoulder in total terror…I think I’ve set her back another ten years wanting to smile and say hello to anyone now dammit.

Time for the latest toilet stories! My favourite part of the day! Said no mum ever.

Juno has moved onto the stage that I thought would make my life easier. She now takes herself off to the toilet happily with nobody helping her. Unfortunately she hasn’t mastered wiping her ass now so it’s like a stealth mission keeping up with her. She’ll sneak off, have a shit, leave it in the bowl just swimming there (she can’t reach the flush button either) and then just pull up her undies and carry on with her life. All good if it’s a clean break but if not then we end up with major skid marks in her jocks. And this is a disaster in her mind and she constantly checks for skid marks and if there’s a hint of one then those undies MUST COME OFF RIGHT NOW. My washing machine hates life right now. Juno gave me a mini heart attack the other day when I heard her saying “huh, that’s weird, my gina (for those of you that don’t speak toddler, pronounced gyyyyyna – short for vagina) is making red wees” I flew in there and sure enough there was red wees in there, moment of panic then remembered there was grape juice drunk at a party. My god no bloody wonder mums freak out about their kids drinking that shit, it really is the devil drink!

Freddo the frog continues to cruise along, he’s mastering the art of crawling like a wounded soldier at the moment which is pretty hilarious. The only time this kid fires up is if you don’t get food in his mouth fast enough. Solids couldn’t come fast enough for this kid, I continue to breastfeed because I’m simply too tight to buy formula although I moan about how shit he is at feeding every day, I fear I’m going to give him a complex about boobs later in life. At the moment with these hot days we have lots of flies around and Freddy is such a nosy wee bugger that if a fly buzzes anywhere in the vicinity while he is feeding he unlatches straight away to watch the fly. Therefore milk sprays everywhere. And then Freddy notices that precious food is dripping down my side so he lunges back in and slurps the milk off my tummy. Seriously ridiculous. And yet I soldier on…I will wean him at one year old and not a day after!

Speaking of food, Juno was eating garlic bread for the first time the other day – loved it. But I was slightly concerned when she told me there was “stones” on her garlic bread – she was talking about the sesame seeds. And her new favourite programme is masterchef, she watches it very intently but I think it’s more to do with the fact that she’s trying to avoid going to bed. One night someone served up an amazing meal and Juno piped up “my mum cooks chops too!” Hmmmm yes Juno but they certainly don’t look like that! And then (caring side again coming out) a contestant got upset and shed some tears, Juno got most concerned and goes up to the tv and says “it’s ok, take a deep breath in, and then breathe out….let’s do it together….breathe in, breathe out” arghhhh LOVE it! Still marched her wee ass off to bed though after this, her cuteness distraction method ain’t fooling me sunshine!

This slight increase in independence that I am noticing Juno getting is great but comes with some downfalls. If she’s not clinging onto me all the time then I can’t stop her getting in the shit. There’s been lots more accidents, she managed to fall off the trampoline even though it has a net – she decided to run around the outside of the net – typical! The other day I heard her running on the vinyl, then heard the big slide as she slipped and crashed. There’s a pause, then “woah, be careful shoes!” she says, then carries on. Good result. Blame the shoes, I do that all the time walking home from the pub. Cos I go to the pub heaps these days. I have also heard banging and crashing from her room, followed by “wow. that was close” I choose not to investigate further into these incidents. If she can still talk then all is good. As much as I want to hover and stop anything bad from happening I need to remember that I once tried to be Mary Poppins when I was little by jumping out of a tree with an umbrella. I didn’t die and I don’t remember my parents being around as I did this so clearly I had to learn the lessons of gravity all by myself. Juno has to take some risks in order to learn her limits. It’s bloody hard though!!! Especially as her coordination is questionable. Her utmost desire at the moment is to be a ballet dancer. She’s obsessed with me finding ballet music, she puts on a twirly skirt and she goes for it. Until she all of a sudden lets out a squawk and drops to the ground clutching her face. Yep, she had poked herself in the eye. I wandered over to check if she was ok but then she noticed something under the couch, went “oooh there’s my bulldozer” and started playing with that. How’s that for attention span!?

So there continues to be no end to the stories that I can keep recording on this blog. Can’t wait until Freddy starts talking! Hopefully he might be kinder to his mum, unlike Juno who lovingly told me while stroking my leg the other day “Mum! you have thistles on your legs!” Well Juno my darling, I can’t remember the last time I got to shower by myself in order to have enough room to shave my legs so technically that’s your fault! But what took the cake for me this week was when Freddy was mastering eating toast by himself (don’t laugh – it’s the small things!) and I clapped and said “good work my son!”. Juno piped up and said “and I’m the moon, and you’re the stars mum!” Once I made the connection between son (sun) moon and stars I was quite delighted by this. And I told Juno that I loved her to the moon and back again and always would 🙂

And then she told me she had skidmarks in her undies and I MUST get her a new pair right now.

Just another standard week! 🙂 🙂







4 thoughts on “Please can they stay little forever?

  1. Brilliant!! Enjoyed every word 🙂 So great to have found you through Friday Favourites. Look forward to following along 🙂


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